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Our experienced, qualified technicians will provide you peace of mind and bring optimal performance to your facility’s mechanical systems and improve indoor air quality.


Our technicians are qualified to service all types of mechanical systems with decades of cumulative experience.

Cost Effective

Through comprehensive scheduled maintenance, we provide optimum performance to save you money.


Call 270-781-8793 any time, day or night, for 24/7 service on most major systems.

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Lyons Service can help you manage, and often avoid, unexpected mechanical system problems.

Our Service technicians provide cost effective, comprehensive scheduled maintenance and around-the-clock emergency service for HVAC and Plumbing equipment systems. We are qualified to install, maintain and repair the majority of mechanical systems in use. Our goal is to provide practical solutions, resulting in maximum comfort and optimum operation of your mechanical systems.

Qualified technicians can address your needs for almost all makes and models of mechanical equipment, as well as providing Test & Balance, Commissioning / Retro-Commissioning and Energy Tune-Up services. With our cumulative years of experience, we have helped customers optimize their investment in new equipment by providing flexible solutions and dependable, efficient support.

Our program of computer-interfaced scheduled maintenance further ensures that our customers enjoy the greatest possible degree of trouble-free heating and air conditioning service. Our maintenance program is implemented and scheduled based on the recommended tasks and procedures for the particular equipment.

Training plus experience equals quality

The core of our service is built on a high level of experience and training shared by Lyons Service Company employees. We emphasize attracting and retaining the most qualified professionals, maintaining their training and certifications at the Lyons Skills Development Center.

Scheduled Maintenance

Lyons Service provides a variety of services from simple scheduled maintenance work for your air conditioning equipment to major repairs on your chiller. Our service technicians are trained to work on all types of mechanical equipment, controls and are also certified to handle refrigerant per the latest Federal Regulations.

Test and Balance

HVAC test and balance ensures your facility is operating as efficiently as possible. Balancing measures the distribution of heated and cooled air to ensure you’re getting the most from your HVAC equipment. This minimizes energy use, maintenance costs and humidity levels. Testing and balance ensures the entire system is operating at full-capacity.

Automation Controls

Automation Controls are an innovative approach to HVAC management and plans. Automation integrates technological controls of industrial operations. Using automated controls in your systems can improve quality, increase productivity and raise levels of safety.

Energy Management

Automatic Controls, Temperature Controls, Building Automation provide the decision-making capability of efficiently controlling energy utilization. Close coordination between mechanical system installations and the implementation of a control strategy become a requirement to ensure a complete, successful design overall.

Remodel & Renovation

When you're not starting with new construction, you need expert advice and an HVAC system built to work with your new design. Our knowledge of new products and design techniques means that we can generally solve most remodeling and renovation challenges with a little creativity.

Emergency Service

Emergencies don’t just happen between 9 and 5. We’re here for you with 24/7 support. Just call our emergency hotline to receive immediate assistance.


Commissioning begins by thorough inspection of the HVAC equipment. Then we will thoroughly document all of the operating systems every step of the way from start up and sequence of operation to shut down.


Establishing close partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers elevates our technicians and engineers expertise and experience to deliver effective overall system performance.

Our Service Area

Operating out of our Bowling Green office, we are strategically located to provide maximum quality and responsiveness to our growing customer base.
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